Floor Drain Inspections

Floor drains are mostly taken for granted and rarely considered for inspection until they don’t work.  From a power generation plant to a food processing facility, having water or other material back-up into the plant is never a good thing.  There are several problems that can occur within a simple draining system making a drain inspection plan an important part of any ongoing maintenance and inspection program.  Lines can become blocked from debris or build-up when floors are washed down and over time, p-traps and elbows can be corroded through.

Push cameras are usually best for floor drain inspections due to the stiff nature of the push cable.  If p-traps are involved it takes a lot of patience and a stiff yet flexible cable to navigate them.  Videoscopes can be useful to look at the inside bends of a p-trap or for shorter distances, usually less than 20’ or so, otherwise, a good small diameter push-camera is your best bet.

Look Technologies has used push-cameras, videoscopes and line locating equipment to help find blockags and trace underground piping.  Give us a call at 217-419-5641 if you are having drainage problems, we’d be happy to offer our expertise.

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