Introduction to Our Trusted Remote Visual Inspection and Foreign Material Exclusion Services

This blog is meant to share knowledge and information on a large variety of topics in the Remote Visual Inspection industry. We’ll cover large variety of applications from Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) retrieval to nuclear reactor head inspections, equipment from advice on which borescopes to purchase to the How To’s of choosing the right videoscope for your application and we’ll occasionally get into general underground pipe inspections, equipment and applications. In general, we’re going to strive to be your one stop shop for borescope, CCTV camera and Remote Visual
Inspection advice.

I am Steve Clark, Owner of Look Technologies, llc and have been working in the RVI industry for over 20 years. I have served in the capacity of Field Service Technician, personally performing thousands of field inspections and loose parts retrievals. Branch, Regional and National Service Manager roles overseeing projects from a single technician performing a process sewer inspection to crews of 10 or more technicians performing simultaneous boiler tube inspections looking for stress corrosion cracking. Regional, national and international sales manager roles overseeing both remote visual and borescope equipment sales and services. Voice of customer and product development roles helping to determine what new equipment needs to be developed for the industry, including light phase measurement for videoscopes, magnetic crawlers for pipe inspections, pan & tilt zoom cameras for tank inspections and push cameras for small pipe inspections. I started Look Technologies in 2008 to provide remote visual inspection and borescope services in the industrial market with a focus on customer service. In that goal, I hope that you find this Blog to be your main source of information for remote visual inspection, borescope information, videoscope advice and a host of other key knowledge concerning FME retrieval and CCTV inspection.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 217-419-5641 or if you have questions concerning Industrial visual inspection, line locating, visual inspection equipment or FME and loose parts retrieval.

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