Turbine Inspections – HP Steam Inlet Nozzles

Probably the most prolific application for the videoborescope are applications in turbines, both steam turbines and gas turbines, though the applications are very different for each.  Today we’re going to concentrate on nozzle block and blade inspections in High Pressure (HP) steam turbines through access from a removed control or governor valve.  Because the length of the inlet steam piping can vary from 20’ – over 80’ in length, this application requires a special, long, articulating videoscope.  There are only a few manufacturer’s of this equipment and one of the best models is the VuMan videoscope manufactured by ViZaar.  Because of the scopes air articulation, remote focus and convenient storage reel the scope is easily articulated and the image controlled even from long distances with multiple bends in the scopes insertion tube.  Using guide tubes and push devices, the scope is inserted into the steam inlets and guided to the nozzle block where the inspection is conducted looking for signs of copper deposits, nicks, dings, and foreign material or foreign object damage (FOD).  The scope can often be carefully guided through the nozzle vanes to look at the 1st stage or 2 of turbine rotating and stationary blades.

Look Technologies maintains a 100’ long x 4-way air articulated videoscope to perform these challenging inspections and we can often mobilize within the same or next day of the phone call if needed.

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  1. Davey Hiltzs says:

    Well, I’ve got some work to do this weekend. We’re having inspections next Monday and I’m in charge of making sure the turbines are working. They’re typically are fine, but I’ve noticed that they’re not reacting as well as could be. I hope I can get everything in top shape before the inspection begins. It wouldn’t be good to get in trouble over this.

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